Netflix brings its video games to televisions and computers

Streaming platform Netflix announced Monday that it has launched a pilot program that will allow its video games to be played on televisions and computers, a new effort to bolster this business segment.

Netflix will begin offering video games for mobile phones and tablets in 2021 and starting this Monday “a limited number of members in Canada and the United Kingdom” will have access to an initial test of the service on computers and televisions, it said in a statement. on your side.

“We are working hard to get users where they are, with an accessible, fluid and ubiquitous service,” the letter reads.

The titles of the games to be launched are “Oxenfree” and “Molehew’s Mining Adventure” from Night School Studios (Netflix), the report explains, “an arcade game of mining gems.”

Users will use their mobile phone as a controller for TV games, while Mac and PC consumers will use their keyboard and mouse.

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The site announced that the program is still in the early stages of development and once it becomes available to the general public, the games will work on TV media player devices such as Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast with Google TV, and LG TVs. , among others, and through its website for computers.

As of March 2023, the site said it plans to release 40 more games by the end of the year, 70 more in development with its partners, and 16 more in-house games being developed in its studios.

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So far, Netflix has more than 50 mobile games released this year, including “Cut the Rope Daily” (ZeptoLab), “The Queen’s Gambit Chess” (Ripstone Ltd) or “Sonic Prime Dash” (SEGA HARDlight).

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