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El Nuevo Espacio joined the list of Broad Front (FA) sectors that do not participate in PIT-CNT’s decision to hold a referendum against Social Security reform.

The sector’s National Executive Council issued a statement explaining that although they are identical in “the goals of the trade union movement,” they differ “in the strategy and method proposed to achieve them.” In this way, he understands that “it is necessary to exhaust efforts to find an understanding” that would allow the construction of “a new social security reform”.

That is why Nuevo Espacio welcomes the “strategy proposed by the Football Association to counter the reform of the state pension system” which means “to strengthen the national social dialogue, to design a new reform that will have among its objectives the protection of the worker during and at the end of his active life, and the reduction of existing inequalities” .

This new reform “must be carried out on the basis of the principles that inspired the political power from its origins – equality, solidarity and social justice -“, understands the sector led by Rafael Michelini. Likewise, it must take into account “changes in the world of work, the integration of technology and the effects of digitization on labor relations, which increasingly require processes of continuous training and updating of knowledge”.

Likewise, the new space expresses that from its vision “there is no place for segmental glimpses or absolute positions”, in a search to “maintain unity in diversity” which is “vital to finding space for rounding and avoiding bends”. “On this path they will find us, looking for solutions to help solve the best possible alternative and move forward towards victory in 2024,” the text reads.

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