Kevin Lopez dressed up as a hero and signed a hat-trick to beat Motagua on Victoria

Motagua He has no mercy Victoria. The Blues, who are not a scoring team, unleashed a 5-0 lead this time around.Solomon Nasser, The Victoria, With one Kevin Lopez Who became the hero.

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‘Soloma’ signed a hat-trick and a game where the Ziba team got good football sparks and in the end they didn’t even adjust to reach the discount. Jonathan Rogier He was another spectator, especially in the second half.

Feathers and a Victoria It looks dead. This was a beginning with the arrival of Professor Nasser, but they returned to their old ways, however, because they were bad, they were not the last. Opening-2021 அவனா Platons From ‘First’ Maradiga.

Kevin Lopez scored five goals in the match against Motagua. Photo: Marvin Salcado

Motagua Staged his party at the National, and that was precisely the case Kevin Lopez Who started with his doubles pulse at 24 ‘and 33’. First after being operated by exceptional pass from Eustin ObondoWho reappeared. Second after the weak mark of the blue and white team.

After that, in the second half The Storm blue He continued with the feast. Marcelo Pereira He hit a 65 ‘after a free kick taken by him ‘Soloma’ LopezHowever, the defender was clearly advanced but the referee Miguel Herrera Let everything continue. It was 3-0.

Already 71 ‘with him Victoria Still distorted but with a new team for changes, a horror Carlos Palacios Crab condemnation. The defender and the captain gave the ball to Enlightenment Kevin Lopez And without issue he issued a 4-0 order against Colombia William Robleto.

Cello Pereira.  2 (1416x870)

Marcelo Pereira also succeeded in beating Victoria. Photo: Marvin Salcado

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But the blue party is going to continue Jose Villafranga, The one who does not miss the opportunity to return to the goal and will sign the fifth in 82nd place. Gonzalo Klusner And put the head on the goal line and push the ball towards the nets. Checkmate!

Motagua He killed a group that didn’t want anything. He didn’t hit in the second half, he wandered into the national arena, eventually he paid too much through slanders, and the blue team had already been chained in 13 games. Victoria.

Victoria Beard.1 (1416x870)

Victoria did not raise her head. Ziba set hit a monument from Tegucigalpa. Photo: Marvin Salcado

Technology Papers of Motagua and Victoria

October 3, 2021. Sports for the National League of Honduras Aberdera-2021 on 12

(5) Modagua – Jonathan Rogier; Diego Rodriguez, Wesley Decas, Marcelo Pereira, Marcelo Santos; Hector Castellanos (Jonathan Nice, 83 ‘), Juan Delcado, Eustin Obondo (Jose Albino, 54’), Evan Lopez (Jose Villafranga, 73 ‘); Marco Vega (Gonzalo Klusener, 54 ‘) and Kevin López (Carlos Mejía, 73’).

Replace: Marlon Ligona, Fabrizio Calindo, Carlos Melandes, Omar Elvir, Carlos Fernandez, Jonathan Nice, Gonzalo Klusner, Jesso Moncada, Jose Villafranga, Brainer Martia, Carlos Megina, Jose.

DT: Diego Vasquez (ARG)

Goals: Kevin Lopez (24 ‘, 33’, 71 ‘), Marcelo Pereira (65’), Jos வ Villafranga (82 ‘).

Yellow cards: Not there.

Red cards: Not there.

(0) Victoria – William Robledo; Jose David Velasquez, Kenny Botan, Carlos Palacios, Alexei Vega (Darwin Sanchez, 46 ‘); Damon Ramரேrez (Edwin Alvarez, 46 ‘), Marlon Flores, Marcelo Espinal (Manor Colon, 46’), Oscar Chuvaso, Marcelo Canales (Edgar Cabrera, 68 ‘); Andres Renteria (Joshua Calindo, 68 ‘).

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ReplaceEdward Flores; Edgar Cabrera, Yosimer Maradia, Darwin Sanchez, Manor Colon, Kenneth Hernandez, Jose Calindo, Edgar Alvarez, Luis Carlos Antuna.

DTSolomon Nasser

Goals: Not there.

Yellow cards: Marcelo Espinal, Jose Velasquez.

Red cards: Not there.

Ground: National, Tegucigalpa

Referee: Miguel Herrera

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