Take advantage of AI on your iPhone with these apps

Artificial intelligence fashion and its applications are increasingly diverse. The evolution of this technology also entails its democratization by implementing different models in the applications we can download from the App Store. So if you are interested to know this world, here we bring you A selection of applications that you can enjoy.

All kinds of AI-powered apps

ChatGPT’s irritation represents a paradigm shift in interacting with artificial intelligence. Assistant can be used for many applications that activate the model from our iPhone. But we’re not just going to look at applications for chatting. But also We are going to enter the field of music editing and image generation.


What we love is that the Genie app is one of the best apps we can use right now Use ChatGPT and use OpenAI technology on our iPhone. It’s a free download and can do the same things we do with the free version of ChatGPT.

It also has paid subscription plans that expand advanced features. presents. And the interface is suitable to get the results of various actions very fast and directly.

Genie - AI Chatbot in Spanish
Genie - AI Chatbot in Spanish

Dream AI Image Generator

wombo app for iphone

Formerly known as Wombo AI, this application uses AI to create all kinds of images with prompts (texts) that we enter. in this situation, Standard diffusion and midjourney models are used to generate the image. The app is free to download and as it has free features, if you want to expand them, you can use the paid subscription plans integrated in the app.

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In addition, it has a very social section where we can check all the designs created in the app community. As well as a profile section, where we can directly access the images we like and the images created from our instructions.

Dream AI Image Generator
Dream AI Image Generator


moises app for iphone

From text to images, from images to music. Moises is an application designed for musicians, amateurs and professionals. In this case, they use their own sample that is not used to create music. But what it does is its function Songs can be separated by tracks, as well as changing the tonality, rhythm and intensity of each soundtrack.

If we can compare it to an app, it’s a classic virtual DJ, but a prototype based on AI while carrying out very simplified design and functions. In the basic version, there are options to split songs into two tracks (vocal and instrumental) or four (vocal, instrumental, drums, bass, other). Its paid plan adds extra track options, offers the highest quality in converting songs, allows unlimited audio uploads (we have 5 free uploads per month with the basic plan), and the processing of songs is very high. faster. It is free to download on the App Store.

Moises The Musician's App
Moises The Musician's App

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