Five Common Mistakes When Charging Your iPhone

Is your iPhone not charging? If that’s the case with you, chances are you’re making a number of common mistakes while recharging your device. As a user, you have to remember that the quality of the battery degrades as it gets used. This means that over time, the extension will not have the same 100% charge capacity as when you bought it. It will be reduced until it does not last even a day.

Therefore, according to the official Apple website, it is important to avoid the following errors while charging your iPhone and extend its functionality to the maximum.

Drain the battery completely

Previously, it was believed to be a beneficial practice to allow the charge to fully depreciate until shutdown; However, this is one of the most harmful practices.

When this happens, the company says it affects the extension’s duty cycle because it shuts down the system abruptly and reduces battery life.

Let the device warm up

It’s no secret that iPhones and any other smartphone heats up when playing large amounts of apps or games that interfere with the device’s performance.

By the way, if the phone is charging while these ‘apps’ are being used, this is a major inconvenience as the phone heats up due to excessive exertion. This condition does not in any way benefit the long-term and correct operation of the battery, on the other hand, exposure to direct sunlight should be avoided or placed on surfaces that can retain heat from it, as it contributes. to damage performance.

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Do not remove the protective cover

Silicone covers help maintain the phone’s protection, avoiding bumps and damage to its structure, and not removing them while charging can cause more damage than it avoids. Although it may seem strange, this bad habit devices only retain heat when it receives power, so it is better to put it in a cool place without a lid, so that it does not overheat.

Use common charging devices

Keeping in mind that no other accessory can maintain more battery life than your original charger, this recommendation is probably one of the more obvious mistakes.

However, in case of emergency or these spare parts are sometimes expensive, charging your iPhone with the corresponding charger can be a hindrance in case of damage or forgetting. To avoid these “headaches”, it is recommended that special care be taken to ensure its use, such as keeping the charging cable in its own cable and protecting the cable from possible deterioration.

Don’t update iPhone

According to Apple, the duration and capacity of the battery depends not only on its physical maintenance, but also on the update of the operating system. Simply, the phone should always have the latest version of iOS, because developers are always improving the functions and features of the device, including technical supports that help the stack to support the performance of the stack.

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