It's not water or DNA: they express the element that gave rise to life on Earth

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A Scientific study of University of London revealed what the first molecule was The origin of life land Continents since the beginning of the world and seas. The work revealed that it is not a common substance like water or something like that Cells Like DNA.

One of the greatest mysteries History How the first forms of humanity appeared on this planet. The Science Many explanations have been offered, but a new special work published in the journal Science provides the final answer.

Water or DNA: They represent the element that gave rise to life on Earth

billions of years ago the world There are no biological elements, just stone, oceans and dark skies. In this context, the first form of life emerges: the cell. However, a primitive object is required in being called Panthena.

This nutrient is the basis Heterotropic theory In the crustal layers of the early Earth, carbon, hydrogen, water vapor and ammonia reacted to form the first organic compounds, viz. The first creatures.

In particular, it allows for very important processes such as the studied molecule Metabolism It is responsible for converting proteins Energy. A team led by Matthew Boughner revealed how the material works.

Which scientific study understood the origin of life?

Authors of the work used Molecules It is formed from hydrogen cyanide, abundant in the prebiotic environment, and was able to form this important compound in water at room temperature.

This advance, Panthena may have played an important role in the origin of life, facilitates Chemical reactions This led to the creation of simple precursors of proteins and RNA molecules to the first organisms.

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One of the fundamental differences between this study and previous studies lies in the materials and conditions used. While previous experiments were based on acidic chemistry, the University of London scientists used ATP-rich nitriles, which provided the targeting ability and energy required for the reactions.

Also, the chemical reaction was done in water Room temperature. This difference, according to the report, suggested that the conditions for the emergence of life may be more common than previously thought.

What future developments will allow us to understand the molecules that make up life?

First, this work called into question the current paradigm about the environment in which the first organisms evolved. Scientists They believe it originated in ponds that occasionally dried up.

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This is a myth theory He proposed that water was most destructive to the origin of life because biological elements arose in large water glasses.

The results of the paper, published in Science, conclude that the presence of certain compounds, such as hydrogen cyanide and water, could be a promising indicator in the search. Life outside Earth.

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