Tablets, laptops and netbooks will be manufactured at IDLA to provide education

The government of Dominican Republic will become a manufacturer of tablets and laptops to meet the needs of the education sector. .

Together with Vice President Raquel Pena, Abinader presided over the ceremony in the Los Cristides Room of the House of Commons, where the Dominican State signed the “Production Plan for After-Sales Services Electronic Devices” via Santo Domingo’s Cybernetic Park.

This effort includes electronic tablets, laptops (laptops) and portable electronic notebooks (netbooks).

Eliminate digital splits
Abinader said the signing of the MoU was an attempt to eliminate existing digital divisions across the country.

He said that with the programs being developed by the government at the technology level, all the youth are also expected to have access to technology. It for sure will improve the quality of education, students will be able to find college homework help on the internet and make their learning more productive.

“The important thing is that we have already reached a maintenance agreement, so if one of these pills is damaged, there is a place in the country to repair them and they are not lost,” the head of state added during the event.

He defined signing the memorandum as extraordinary because it would allow free zone industries to go to another level and allow for better competition in terms of prices and quality.

Tremendous steps
Education Minister Roberto Bulgar said the current government administration has taken huge steps to get the country out of what is known as the digital divide.

As part of this work, the government has already provided 117,000 laptops to teachers and about 495,000 students, Fulcar said.

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More than 500 jobs will be created as the project launches.

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Juan Enrique Alvarez, Business Consultant, manufactures electronics tablets, laptops and portable electronic notebooks for the purpose of the contract. Encore Repair Services Plant Manager This is a new start-up for the business that will expand the country’s contribution to technology projects.

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