Carlos Rhinoso criticizes US team: ‘They don’t deserve to be there’

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Carlos Rhinoso, Legend United States, Do not believe The quality of the current team Azulgrama, which helped him to point out reinforcements, especially from abroad.

Without hesitation, Chile promised it “It’s so badly chosen.” At the time of assembling the team, with the exception of a few events, emphasizing that there are many players They are “unworthy” to be there..

“I like the Mexican boys, even though he comes from other teams, but the Mexican. He changes a lot, I think he’s chosen very badly. They hired a foreign boy online That can’t happen on a team like the United States, “he said. Rhinoso And TUDN.

Solari didn’t believe him either

Although the United States ranks second in the table behind Macro’s Cruise Azul He commented that he was lucky Before questioning the style, one must be in that position Santiago Solari.

“America, I always have a different taste for the principles, values ​​and games that have been played. It enhances the game through the game, They have more points than they play, Keeping zero is a priority. He is lucky in the results, ”he said.

With regard to the classic against Sivas, he wanted to win, it is a duty in Copa in this type of game.

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