Surprising new news for Claudia Lopez and Rodolfo and Pedro – Election News – Elections 2022


“I’m glad you’re the heroes of the change we want,” he says.

Through the video posted on social websites, The mayor of Bogot, Claudia Lopez, sent a message to Colombia’s presidential candidates.. He said he was pleased with the “change” represented by Gustavo Pedro and Rodolfo Hernandez.

Dear Rodolfo and Gustavo, I am so glad you Colombians are the heroes of the change we want.. Congratulations to both of you, “he said in a statement.

“I am just happy to be able to say that both of them are willing to change. Whoever wins the second round, they will combine these two aspects of change to achieve social equality and progress.”, Assured

The mayor’s news comes as the tough assessment of Sunday’s election results is still hanging in the air.

Crude populism threatens right-wing social status, whether it comes from the left or the right. Attracting the worst and simplest emotions to perhaps the most effective solutions, but never lasting, is something that threatens this social status ”.

Lopez was involved in a conversation at the University of Externado de Colombia and the participation of lawyer Margarita Capello when she exercised and abused her right to a license in the state of Colombia last Tuesday, May 31st.

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