Subella will provide two parking spaces due to the lack of space in the center

Siberian Avenue, now a one-way street, will include at least 17 new places.

It will include a plot of land in Elisabide and an area of ​​Siberian Street more than 50 new places

Subella plans to alleviate parking problems in the city center by installing two new parking areas. The local insistence on providing the municipality with more places has been underlined in recent months, after the union eliminated “about 140 places” with the newly opened Biduguri building and reshaping traffic directions in the heart of the city. Accordingly, the government team -PNV and PSE- will temporarily enable an 800 square meter plot, located on Elisabide Street, to put in place a 35-car deterrent parking.

According to the city council, this new site, which is expected to be operational throughout July, “will allow to accommodate demand for places in environments close to the urban area, so that pedestrian paths are prioritized, public spaces will be reclaimed from pedestrians and vehicular congestion will be eliminated.” Center “. The lack of parking was also an allegation by the merchants themselves, implying that the loss of sites “negatively affected” the buildings, preventing “more customers from coming in”.

“We must bear in mind that Subilla is a municipality in which many citizens from other regions are welcome, in addition, the beach attracts visitors who do not have parking spaces,” Mireia Cabanes, head of the business group, admitted to this newspaper. Siberian is another street where the local government will operate. This road suffered, last March, a change of direction, and became one-way, due to “the lack of space that it calculated for itself, as there were parking lots on both sides”.

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To solve this problem, online spaces have been converted to battery power. Now, however, the Consistory will make 17 new parking lots with numbers 15, 17, 19 and 21, though emphasizing that if they aren’t enough, “we’ll work the whole street to get more.”

in Zabalbid

“We will remove the pier and bring back the pier to promote the sites online. What we left is three meters wide, which is more than enough width so that people can travel without problems and comfortably,” says Subilla Mayor, Jozo Landaloz. The executive wants neighbors to use “both options,” describing their breadth as “sufficient.” Besides, the city has another car park in Zabalpede, very close to the Loroño pedestrian walkway, “with a large capacity and available spaces”.

For their part, residents add that one alternative to improving the city would be to “provide free parking at the entrance to the city that facilitates the access of residents from other cities or distant neighborhoods to shopping.” . In addition to reorganizing traffic and creating the new Red Lane, the city council is placing the delay in occupying Artadi Street as a major cause of the parking problem.

The procedure, which was inundated with the project to build a road connecting this road with Zabalbid, will provide Subila 300 more places. Landaluze notes that although the proposal is “very advanced”, its implementation will not be a reality until “the Ripa sector partial plan is not accepted”. “We calculate that by the end of the year it will be approved and we can start work on which the road will be completed in two years. Until then, we believe these two approved alternatives are the least traumatic and the most effective,” the local council member highlights.

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