The first people in line for Bad Bunny concert tickets arrive three days after they go on sale

Three days before the start of ticket sales for his concert Poor rabbit In Puerto Rico’s Jose Miguel Agrelot Coliseum A fan started lining up this morning to be the first to buy tickets for the show.

At noon, El Nuevo Día’s cameras reached the so-called “Solicio.” Citizen “Marietta” from Caguas arrived at 9:40 this morning. The first person to start the ticket queue sits on a chair in front of the ticket office In three activities scheduled on July 28, 29 and 30. They will stand in line there 72 consecutive hours Until ticket sales start on Saturday 9th July.

“There are people to relieve me, I will be back at 12:30 pm, so until I come on Saturday”, Young Cacuna said of the relief scheme he will use to buy tickets for the July 30 ceremony.

The Urban Layer, promoting his latest album “The Summer Without You”He announced last Saturday that he will perform in his homeland before embarking on his international tour called “World’s Hottest Tour”It begins on August 5th in Orlando, Florida and ends on December 10th at the Azteca Stadium in Mexico City.

Likewise, A citizen named “Eleri” from Caguas arrived at 12:40 pm today. Together with two friends, they start an alternative plan to wait for the next three days and buy tickets for the first performance. In his case, his preparation included a camping shed, portable batteries for charging cellphones and a “sleeping bag” in addition to “lots of water and lots of food.”

To the surprise of his followers on the island, the sale will begin this Saturday, July 9th and will only be done in person, they cannot be purchased digitally.

As announced, only four tickets will be sold per person. The idea that ticket sales should be face-to-face encourages visitors to be mostly Puerto Rican.

The translator of hits such as “Callaita” and “Me porto bonito” joined thousands of fans on his Instagram account last Saturday on a boat trip through the seas around Puerto Rico. He announced his program and spoke to his supporters for over two hours.

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