Steps to follow if your WhatsApp account has been hacked

If your account has been hacked Processor From Share, We will tell you about the steps you need to follow to recover your account as quickly as possible and in the simplest way possible.

The truth is, nowadays messaging app users have no choice but to protect their accounts.

And it Information We share every day through WhatsApp that it becomes an important issue if it reaches the wrong people.

With cyber criminals Robot And Infiltration Accounts have found a way to create bigger scams.

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Although the meta operating system has devised various strategies to prevent this phenomenon, malicious practices occur very frequently.

Users have no choice but to protect their accounts and we provide you with this information, except to learn how to act in case of theft.

As we mentioned earlier, unfortunately, WhatsApp can be hacked.

Another way for them to check your messages is WhatsApp Web. If you forget to open your session on other devices and close it, they can continue to check your messages.

In this case you can close the session of strangers in your application on the connected devices.

If your WhatsApp account has been hacked, it is recommended to follow the following procedure:

  • Send an email to [email protected], mention the phone number and explain what happened, and we’ll get back to you within 48 hours.
  • You should contact the Cyber ​​Police at [email protected] or by calling 5242 5100 ext. 5086 to sue.
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On the other hand, the Cyber ​​Police Division of the Mexico City Citizens’ Security Secretariat, along with WhatsApp, recommends the following to protect your account:

  • Do not share the activation code received when creating the account
  • Install the unique pin in this way: In the WhatsApp application, click on the three dots in the upper left corner; Go to Settings or Configuration; Log in to the account; Enter two-step verification; And select Execute.
  • Configure your profile photo to be visible only to your contacts: In the WhatsApp app, click the three dots in the upper left corner; Go to Settings or Configuration; Log in to the account; Enter privacy; Select profile photo; Also press my contacts.
  • If someone you do not know contacts you, confirm his or her identity.

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