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Minister of Foreign Affairs, , An incident occurred while going to inject the vaccine At the vaccination center in the district of San Isitro. People waiting to be vaccinated pointed out that the Chancellor would not have lined up and waited to receive the vaccine.

View: El Gallo has been embroiled in controversy over the return of Corey and the major promotions of mayors such as Pedro Spadaro.

The incident was filmed in several videos, which were quickly posted on social media. You can see in the pictures the minister sitting down to get the vaccine and a group of seniors being said to be preferred.

About, Oscar Mordova Gave his discharge and apologized for what had happened. “A certain public attacked me with painful expressions. I apologize if anything has happened that could have been misunderstood”, Announced the TV bigwig.

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Scar Maúrtua apologizes for the vaccination incident
Scar Maúrtua apologizes for the vaccination incident

Chancellor he mentioned.Never behave with privileged circumstances“; However, because of his age, he”Proper treatment for the elderly”.

“There is nothing to limit yet, I think the truth has passed. Sorry for some harsh reactions and I do not want to do anything big qualifications.”, He ruled Mauritania.

Sorry for the proposal to vacate the presidency

Minister of Foreign Affairs, , Also commented on the issue of the vacancy motion against President Pedro Castillo in Congress. “It’s very unfortunate, it’s very painful. I’m a legal expert and it hurts to have an incident like this.. The president is anointed by the people, he wins an election, he must be respected.. This is a really crazy idea [la vacancia], You have to express people“Maurdwa TV told Peru.

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“I have had reactions from various quarters that democracy, which allows Peru to gain a positive image, is being damaged by this project, damaging investment and stability, and undermining the rule of law. Peruvians want to live in peace, and these kinds of attitudes confuse the image of the country ”, Added.

According to the criteria

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