Motagua vs Communicaciones: 2021 Concacaf League Final Dates and Venues – Ten

Results Concacaf League 2021 Is defined. Maximum club competition Central America and the Caribbean Its final rivals are a Honduran team and another Guatemala.

Motagua and Communications After exiting the semifinals, they sealed their pass to the decisive stage of the match Forge FC From Canada and Quastadoya chapín, respectively.

The finals will be held as announced by the highest body in the area The tour ended locally The team that scored the most points in this match which started in Round 16.

Modagua drew 2-2 with Canada in the first leg and did not go 0-0 at home against Forge.

‘Creams’ were added in this case 15 points After six games, the Blues were left with 12 units.

This will be the first leg of the game National Ground next Tuesday, December 7th, When Torotio returns to Guamச்ch Flores Stadium on Tuesday, December 14th.

Both match schedules will be confirmed by Concacaf.

Final rules

Goals scored outside (out) do not add any value in the final round.

-If there is a total balance of goals between the two teams at the end of the regulation time of the second leg, additional time of two periods of 15 minutes will be added.

If extra time is required, there will be a five minute break between the end of the regular time and the start of the extra time. As a general rule, players will be on the field at the discretion of the referee during this five-minute break.

– If the result of the match is still in balance after the second extra time period, the penalty shootout procedure will be applied according to the IFAB rules of the match.

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– A sixth replacement will be allowed during overtime.

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