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State Police carried out rounds on Tuesday, May 3 To support the National Institute of Migration (INM) and the National Guard (GN) in giving Monitoring and security for immigrants what or what Stay outside the facilities of the Senda de Vida shelter, due to lack of room.

The Government Peacebuilding Coordination Group reported that components are working in coordination with federal authorities.

There is no longer space in shelters

This Monday only hundreds of immigrants who spent the night for several months – Waiting for their immigrant status to be resolved in the US – They were transferred from the Plaza de la Republica to other points.

Many of them searched for a place in The said hostel is located in the Carmen Cerdan neighborhood From this border city.
One of the shelter managers stated that the service was denied to immigrants because of The facility was filled with 1,600 immigrants.

“The State Police and the companies that make up the GCBT have agreed to conduct monitoring abroad to provide security for the migrants as they determine their situation and the procedures to be developed.”came in a statement.

There were no buses to transport migrants

The first minutes of Tuesday were running when the three government orders powers went into the sleep of foreigners.

Women, children, and the elderly managed to get on the bus, while others walked in a caravan to the shelter run by Hector Silva Luna.

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“We got some buses to pick them up, but since that wasn’t enough, I told them ‘let’s go for a walk’ and we brought them in a caravan, the square is not far from Senda”The activist said.

The leaders of organizations and employees of the PETA group of the National Institute for Migration (INM) accompanied them on the march until their arrival at the shelter.

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There is uncertainty among immigrants

“At dawn they told us they would take us to the shelter, but they wouldn’t let us in and we had to sleep on the street, I don’t know what’s going on”said Vinia Dorzer, an immigrant from Haiti He returned to the field in search of his belongings Although he can no longer find them.

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As well as Vinya and her husband Nicholas et al Immigrants of Salvadoran and Honduran nationality who could not enter the shelter They slept on the pier of the Sinda de Vida sanctuaryOthers spent the night in a hall at Shadai Christian Church.

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