Alicia Cervantes says how much she earned at the Women’s Atlas: she walked out of the column

Alice CervantesBefore today Sivas And two-time scoring champion, he started Women’s MX League With shirt AtlasFor any team It came a month and a half before the new competition startedAnd because its beginning is complicated The small amount they pay is only enough for his tickets Inside Guadalajara.

This was a bit difficult due to the situation as they did not pay us except for AtlasThey gave us a very low salary They gave us 1,500 bucks a monthThe footballer said in an interview with the YouTube channel Cinnamon angle. “We have no clubhouse, we have nothing, we have no fields, they do not belong to Atlas.”.

And that’s it LichaFrom ArandasHad to move to the capital with one of his sisters Jalisco To train with the red and black team, He made his debut at the club on Saturday, July 29, 2017 In a fight against Sivas They lost 3-0.

Everything went by trafficAt that time I came to live with my sister and I had a grocery store I helped him even though I didn’t like it. Not fixed with 1,500 paise. I took three trucks and spent 1,500 paise on transportation, I had nothing else. Sometimes I even walked six blocks because it didn’t fit the truck, ”he said.

They were denied a pay rise

He added after finishing the first match Women’s MX League Third in his group, The team’s players approached the board Of the club, this Later it was owned by TV AztecaTo demand a hike, it was denied.

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We all earned more or less. Because we thought to ask for a pay rise Sometimes we don’t have water in trainingThey borrowed the uniforms and pushed us into the ugly field, ”he said.

We asked for a pay rise and they sent us to fly as we asked. They told us that if we want to continue playing, it will be with it and it will not rise, ”he said.

Even the difficult economic situation caused Cervantes I think about quitting footballA game she started practicing at a young age, thanks to her brothers.

I kept crying at night that I was not going to play football anymore.And sorry, I thought it would be nice to stay in the United States. “

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