Tony Costa responds to a woman’s comment that Atamari Lopez left him because she was bisexual

Spanish dancer Tony Costa A social media netizen has angrily responded to a question about her sexuality.

It happened on social websites Instagram After Costa posted a photo with his girlfriend Evelyn Beltron.

“I do not know if மevelynbeltranoficial assumed that Adamaris left him for some reason.

After this, the dancer was forced to respond as this was not the first time he had made such a comment.

In a strong way, Adamari Lopez’s ex-partner told him that if that was the case he would say it publicly.

“Hahaha you are brave and disrespectful, I will say it openly, without problems if I have to, but I’m sorry for you, it’s not like that, they are already bored with those pranks, I advise you to be happy going forward please, it will do you good. God bless you, ”he told her.

For a few months Tony Costa had a romantic relationship with Mexican influencer Evelyn Beltron. Prior to that, he had been in a relationship with Puerto Rican presenter Adamari Lopez for almost a decade, with whom he had a small aloe.

The reasons for the breakup between Puerto Rican and Spaniard are unknown, although in an interview with People’s Espanol, Lopez admitted without giving specific details about the difficult circumstances that led to his daughter’s relationship with his father being almost terminated. 10 years.

“For me, especially my daughter, there are things I can not allow. He and I know what happened. He knows the reason. I did not make an easy decision. It’s not an option. It’s not an option, it’s not a sentence,” Puerto Rican told the Corendona newspaper.

“We were going through a situation that happened on more than one occasion and I was not going to allow that. After all the things I enjoyed, I could not afford it. That is not the case, “he said.

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