Without cellulite, Sequis Rivera rocked Instagram by considering the backside in a microbe

Sequis Rivera Placeholder Image He turned to controversy when he appeared in a publication that did not apply to important people. The translator of “Animate Y Versus” showed her back and showed her back.

The purpose of this video is to promote a “cellulite anti” cream from the singer’s own beauty devices.

Like many women, I suffer from cellulite on my legs and buttocks … That’s why it’s so important for me to not only help myself, but also create a product for other women who share this ‘dilemma’. Especially on these hot days, when we all want to walk around in little dresses or bikinis“, Daughter released Jenny Rivera.

This review did not take long for the star’s red-hot video. One of the positive news Helen Ochoa She said she needed the cream and said her butt was fine. Her friend Victoria La Mala Fry him. Message of support in the face of erotic images.

There is no doubt that this film helped to promote the new product of Sikhism and also helped to spread the controversial photo further. An expert on social media, Sikwis has revealed that he will use everything he promotes to his advantage through this publication.

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