Sedeco explains that the entrepreneurship space in Morelia will not disappear, it will only move for a short time

Maricruz Rios/Voice of Michoacan

Morelia, Michoacan. Withdrawals are tense from the offices of Espacio Emprendedor. STASPE members are demanding that the state government try to occupy part of the headquarters as the Labor Conciliation Center in Morelia, while the body has indicated that the said movement will be only temporary.

In the midst of the demonstrations, Sedeco ruled out the disappearance of Espacio Emprendedor de Morelia and emphasized that regardless of whether it was still a temporary headquarters, the project for the final location of said conciliation center already exists.

This week the banners appeared again in various dependencies due to the claim of workers who feared losing their premises and granted so that the Michoacan government could comply with the installation of the conciliation center before October 3, as indicated by the extension granted by the Senate to the entity.

In an interview with La Voz de Michoacán, Rubén Medina González, in charge of the office of the Ministry of Economic Development (Sedeco), confirmed that this movement has not yet become a reality, and meetings are currently being held to determine the matter.

“Officially, if something is agreed, it will be temporary and temporary,” the official said, emphasizing categorically that “the first convincing hypothesis is that Espacio Emprendedor will not go far from there.”

“What we are discussing with the union and with the Sedeco collaborators is that we see this possibility, which is on the table, of the need for Espacio Emprendedor to be involved in an area temporarily so that the matchmaking center can start on October 3 Labor of Morelia,” he revealed.

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Robin Medina commented, on the other hand, that the places already resolved are those of Zamora and Uruaban, where “even the purchase of furniture and computer equipment is already going forward”.

“In Morelia we talk; yesterday, today, tomorrow, when necessary, permanently, publicly and directly, we discuss it,” said the Sedeco official, although he made clear that the Michoacán government must comply with a federal constitutional mandate on labor reform and conciliation centers Their own.

Upon a frank question, he acknowledged that the authority is not closed to Espacio Emprendedor being the site of such a project, “there are always alternatives”, which are already being evaluated, although he acknowledges that the contested building is a “Plan A” and they are on the way to making it happen.

“What is certain is that a space will be built, which has already been dissolved, which the state government will adapt to be the official, final and only headquarters of the Morelia Labor Conciliation Centre,” he added.

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