From Suffering in America to Rebirth with Mazatlán Mediotaimbo

In America, Nicholas Benedetti He experienced a rough patch as a player: double knee surgery kept him off the field and undermined his confidence. NowA little bit Colombian Re-site He wears a shirt in football Mazatlan FC; The Poets and the Eagles will face each other again this Friday.

race Mexico It wasn’t easy for this talented attacker, who broke him first Muscle pass through With sub 20 of Colombia 2020 and had to undergo surgery; In the same year, she also visited the operating room with vultures against lions due to menstrual problems.

“Obviously with America I had a thorn in my side that I couldn’t deliver what I expected. I started well and suddenly I got hurt too other things, I’m not going to say I’m not there because of injuries, we should not blame everything for what happened. It was a moment I don’t gear Eventually in America, although I was able to show things in the beginning, after many reasons off the field, my time there was diluted,” he assured in an interview. half time.

With gratitude Always with it CompanyMaybe I’m still on my own and there’s nothing, the moments of life, I’m here, they give me a chance and pay back all the support they gave me in such an easy game moment, to be able to rise again, to be able to play again.

at Eagles arrived 2019 And three years later he got the loan Mazatlan FC, where life changed him in all aspects; This Friday, the Colombians face the United States as part of the 2022 opening day 11 tournament.

“One when I know to submit For categories Serious injuries A string of surgical and muscle injuries, such as youAnd You think about many things. That’s the hardest thing, what’s going to happen to me, I’m going to be the same again. You put Very strung And with doubts, but little by little I learned to handle the situation that was not easy, but life is learning and a learning that takes me further,” he added.

As already GunnerThe Poet can to finish A Injury free competition And at its highest level; He played 1,299 games in his first semester, and although he only scored two goals, he assisted on others. East Will open in 2022 It started well 9 beginnings and two annotations.

“When you’re happy at your job, you feel good on the outside, too.” All FlowedAnd; arrival Mazatlan It was for that, Meet again with me, Show me my skillsIt must have been Nico before, and he was a little down for ‘x’ or ‘y’ reason, but the truth is I don’t care”, he admitted.

“That’s one process, everything happens for a reason and things end at some point. So I feel good Y Improve furtherGive me my best.”

Resilience, Benedetti’s virtue

Everything is looking good for the Colombian todayA man who overcomes the frustrations that have been given to him in the past and wears the shirt Eagles. His resilience in the face of tough times has put him on a better path with Team Pacific.

“Certainly, What makes a player is minutes, confidence, feeling comfortable on the court and obviously no injuries, it slows you down a bit. Inside here Mazatlan I have done it Keep the wounds aside, a subject that was a little too much for me. Everything in life is time, processes, I had to live that situation in America, but luckily now I am healthy, I am fine and hope to continue like this“, he said.

“It is Mana Also, being 100 percent in life and football is the most important thing With care, ready. I don’t have to go through those moments, and when I go through it I react differently than you think. I’ve been injured so many times, mentally it slows you down a bit, you ask yourself so many questions. But That’s part of football, life itself and we should try to progress in all aspects. It was a great learning for me to be strong personally and mentally. After All these made me a better person and a better player.

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