Sick and Wrecked: After losing 15 kgs to join ‘VLA’, actress returns to ‘Hoi’ unrecognizable.

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Mexico City.- A famous Protagonist of TV soapsJoined few years ago Aztec TV And even came to the show Happiness will comeappeared on the screen again Televisa In an interview the production shared this Friday, August 26 morning Today. The actress once admitted left the entire audience speechless He lost 15 kg Why he Sick It is assumed that

Even the singer Donna PaulaHe made his last project for a San Angel television station in 2013, nearly two decades later. He made his debut in a children’s telenovela ray of light (2000–2001) and landed her first lead role Maria Belen (2001) and later appeared in other projects Hurray for children!, B. The Looch Family, Amy, the girl with the blue backpack, Rose of Guadalupe, Dare to dream Y As the saying goes.

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In 2015, translator like hits Sodium Y praise Joined the line Telemundo, which caused Televisa executives to veto it. He did a reality show who is who? (2015) and co-starred in the series La Donna (2016). Arasli Aramula He then moved to Ajusko, where he was employed as a de facto judge Academy. In addition, Danna has given exclusive interviews on several occasions Happiness will come Y the window.

On the morning of Friday 26th August, the acclaimed protagonist Elite Appeared again on Canal de Las Estrellas, because last Thursday night he presented XT4S1S, his new single and his new music video about the show’s cameras. Today Attended the conference. In front of various media outlets, Danna finally revealed whether it was true that she compromised her health to lose weight.

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Remember that journalism TV tips The translator brought to light this Tuesday 27 years She got rid of extra kilos as she underwent a Gastric sleeve surgery They also said that earlier in the year, despite her not being a candidate, she had other surgeries on her face to beautify herself. Danna Paola forcefully responded to these speculations by assuring that she is feeling the best moment and doesn’t care what others say.

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Today, I feel sexier than ever, and I’ve left this part of the world without worrying about what they think, say, or don’t say about me. I’m very happy with myself, with my life, with my plan, with my body.”

The famous pop singer never stopped repeating in front of the cameras Today And in other ways she is in very good health, she is not sick, said the aforementioned magazine: “I am perfect. If there is something wrong with me, I will not work as I work. Life, I am a healthy woman, thank God. To work, to wake up every day, To exercise, I have the opportunity to have the equipment that I have.

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