Science is discovering how long a dog can remember its owner


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Dogs are known to be loving, friendly and loyal animals capable of establishing a bond with people that lasts over the years. but, How long can a dog remember its owner? A study found that the attention and affection people give to their pets, especially dogs, has a noticeable effect on both, and can affect dogs’ long-term memory.

Their dogs are great The ability to remember experiences and relate them to emotions. The moments they share with their teachers, especially those who give them love and affection, can be recorded in their long-term memory, thus strengthening the emotional bond between them.

This is canine memory

Dogs have two types of memory: Short-term memory and long-term memory. Short-term memory holds information temporarily and limitedly, usually for a few seconds or minutes. It is memory that allows them to remember recent information, such as events that happened recently or recent orders.

the Long-term memory in dogs It focuses on associating information and retaining it for long periods. This allows them to remember past experiences, locations, people, etc. Thanks to this memory, they can learn and adapt over time, creating lasting bonds.

Memory A A dog can be affected by both positive and negative experiences, according to memories associated with specific people or situations. If a dog has had positive interactions, received love and attention, and has pleasant experiences with a person, he or she is more likely to generate positive associations with that person and remember happy times.

If he encounters the dog Stressful, painful or unpleasant situationsYou are likely to develop a negative memory associated with those experiences. This can generate mistrust or fear towards certain people, places or similar situations in the future. Past experiences and emotional context greatly influence a dog’s memory formation, and thus his behavior when faced with certain stimuli.

he Forgetting the bond with its owner It usually occurs after a long period, which can range from 1 to 3 years, without having direct contact with that person. Despite this lapse, a dog’s emotional connection to experiences, smells, sounds and other stimuli shared with his owner can allow the animal to instantly recognize him when they meet again.

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