Science explains how often we should change our bed sheets

the Personal and physical hygiene of everything we use Part of our daily routine. The most used by all people are textile fabrics, whether it is clothing or other items that constitute the items that humans need to live day in and day out. This is the condition of the sheets that accompany every moment of people’s sleep.

Not everyone knows exactly how long it takes to change the sheets, since Offer different items to eradicate when you change them how Bacteria, mites and dirt or own human sweat.

maximum: two weeks; Ideally: every week

Turning to the versions of experts on the matter, such as Lindsey Browning, registered psychologist, neuroscientist, and dream expert, include Sheets should be changed every two weeks at most.

Dead skin cells can accumulate on these sheets. If we accumulate too many dead cells, the mites can feed on them and cause skin rashes and other discomforts.”argues the neuroscientist.

“Not only will you sleep with the filth of sweat and dead skin cells, but dust mites as well,” Browning continued, who in turn He realized that systematic discipline in the winter month was not necessary to follow a perfect washing pattern. Finally, make it clear The ideal and optimal period for changing the sheet is one week.

This statement is supported by a study she conducted American Cleaning InstituteAnd who deduced it The maximum period that sheets can be left unaltered or washed is 15 days (One week).

Comparison of women and men

Certainly, it is impossible to extrapolate this statement to the real world without having or knowing evidence in this regard, but a study compiled by the BBC of 2,500 men and women in the UK. This poll yields results Almost half of single men don’t even bother changing the sheets after a monthlike him 12% who are they They change the paper when they remember. On the contrary, the 62% of women say they keep sheets clean Within the time frames recommended by science.

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