Science dictates who is smarter

It has always been said that the dog comes from the wolf and there are many studies that confirm this hypothesis. But the truth is that dogs have acquired many social skills over the years. Here comes the main question: Which one is smarter?

Confidentiality It is noteworthy that Julian Breuer, a researcher at the Max Planck Institute for Human Development, launched an experiment in 2017 to answer this question. In order to prove who was the clear winner, they put the food in a bowl and shook it in front of the dogs and wolves.

They both headed towards the food bowl to taste the food. But when they repeated the experiment with the empty container, the dogs only responded to the call. This made wolves understand the relationship between cause and effect better. This virtue may come from the necessity of adapting to the natural environment and being self-sufficient in food.

However, this is not the only experiment conducted for the same purpose. In 2021, puppies of both types were tested: They placed two cups upside down on a table and only one of them contained food. They were then given cues to indicate who got the reward, and it was discovered that the dogs were twice as likely to find the food.

So answering this question is very difficult. Scientists agree that some cannot be said to be more intelligent than others. But what is true is that both dogs and wolves can understand what is happening around them, and have the ability to adapt to it, which is what has achieved their survival over the years.

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