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Before ambassadors of the Arab nations, Governor Omar Fayad made it clear that science and technology contribute to peace.

The above, by sharing on social networks details of the scientific diplomacy meeting held during this Sunday, March 21 at C5.

He expressed that despite being on continents with different geographic and sociodemographic conditions, the administration he heads is moved by the same interest in progress, development, peace and well-being for the population.

“In my government, science, technology and innovation are triggers for exponential and significant changes. Besides being fundamental tools to realize an ideal between nations, called scientific diplomacy,” the state president posted through his social networks.

“In Hidalgo, our women and men are talented and hardworking. We will continue to seek to be the epicenter of a historic transformation for Mexico; that should be our goal,” he said.

He asserted that the government of Hidalgo seeks a strategic collaboration for the territory and the people.

“Today science can unite what politics separates, precisely as the Sesame Synchrotron did in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.

“A scientific diplomacy project that was hatched for more than a decade in the minds of many physicists around the world, where everyone sought the construction of a Synchrotron.”

In this way, he wrote that Hidalgo is intended to be an area where representatives from all over the world converge, but through science, technology and innovation. Such as the ties created with the Paul Scherrer Institute, with whom it was possible to create new routes to generate vaccines.

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Present at the meeting were His Excellency Mr. Mohamed Saadat, Ambassador of Palestine and Dean of the Council of Arab Ambassadors; His Excellencies Sami Nmir, Ambassador of Lebanon; Abdelfattah Lebbar, Ambassador of Morocco; Mohammad Tal, Ambassador of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan; Khaled Shamaa, Ambassador of Egypt, and Haytham Al-Malki, Ambassador of Saudi Arabia.

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