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The , La Vincent de ‘It gained popularity , Y They are the two most important TV personalities , But a Posted this March 21 In Shows the interesting relationship between the two 26 years ago.

In pictures, shared On account of , Which is observed Already Includes Y , Respectively, in one of the most memorable scenes of the film ‘La Cylindrina in Trouble’ It was screened in Mexican theaters 1994.

Plot ‘La Cylindrina in Trouble’ Tells the story of a young woman (The ) Goes to his aunt’s house and gets lost in a city robbed by two thieves, leading to hilarious adventures as he meets During a mass, the newspaper published the news .

In the questionable scene, The Asks That is, if they both know each other and there is no response from him, he asks you to contribute a tenth. In a moment, the emerging character He seemed to be cooperating, but he made fun of it .

However, not short or lazy, the last laugh Because it did I gave not only all the money I had, but also a dessert “Tip for the Sacrifice Woman”. The movie ‘La Cylindrina in Trouble’, Movement Juan Antonio de la Riva, Currently available on the streaming platform Plim.

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Enjoy the rare talents that the internet leaves us

Enjoy the rare talents that the internet leaves us

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