From Miami, Penelope Menzakka flaunts a mini dress perfect for women over 50.

Such programs as “Today”, “The Power of Love” and “12 Hearts” had the participation of one of the most beloved actresses and presenters in our country, Penelope Mensaka.

In addition to serving as host on the program “Hoi Tiya”, Penelope Mensaka She is very active on her social networks and always shares her behind the scenes looks and photos and videos of the show.

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In one of his recent Instagram posts, Mensaka She surprised her followers by wearing a beautiful flower print dress in orange, one of the hottest colors this summer.

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Penelope Mensaka. Source: Instagram @menchaca.oficial

The presenter started receiving hundreds of comments on her Instagram post. “What Piernotas”, “Beautiful”, “Beautiful as always”, were some of the comments she received. Mensaka.

Some members of the show have confirmed it on several occasions Penelope Mensaka It’s too expensive”. Also providing this type of report is host Vanessa Claudio.

They even consulted once Mensaka Regarding her budget, she said, “What are they paying me? It’s not tears (…). I am happy”.

After Adamari Lopez left “Today”, many asked if the Puerto Rican left because he could not arrange a better salary with the producer, but this version has not been confirmed. It is known that Mensaka receives 50 thousand dollars per program, and this is estimated to be half of what Lopez earned hosting the morning show.

“If there’s one thing I think about in life it’s this: I never complain about how much they pay me, because I’m the one who decides that. So, I hate people saying, ‘I’m paid trash,’ because I think who’s forcing you? Else.” Find something. Here, when I negotiated, they gave me what I wanted. I’m happy if they give her more or less. It doesn’t bother me,” she said on one occasion. Mensaka.

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