A man bought a lottery scratch ticket because he liked the design and won $4 million

A business trip to Massachusetts turns out to be very lucrative for a guy from Georgia named Jovon Garner, who He won $4 million on a $10 scratch-off ticket. The guy decided to buy the ticket because he liked the design.

Jovon Garner, of Brunswick, Ga., won the $4 million first prize in the $4 million Massachusetts state lottery instant ticket game, lottery officials said.

Garner, who was in Massachusetts on business, told lottery officials that he chose to play the game because he liked the design of the ticket..

The player chose to receive his money in the form of a one-time payment of $2.6 million, before taxes.

It should be noted that when players opt for a one-time payment rather than receiving the prize in annual payments, they receive a smaller amount of money, since it is the amount they have available to give immediately, since it is the amount they have from ticket sales.

Garner bought his winning ticket at the Stop & Shop at 259 Main St. The store will receive a $40,000 bonus just for selling the ticket.

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