Romania had the second largest current account deficit in the EU in the third quarter of 2020 – Sources News

The European Union recorded a current account surplus of $ 75.6 billion (2.2% of GDP) in the third quarter of 2020, and France ($ 11.4 billion) is the largest current account deficit among EU member states. Romania), Romania (3.9 billion euros) and Belgium (2.6 billion euros), according to data released by the European Statistics Office (Eurostat) on Tuesday.

In the second quarter of this year, the EU recorded a current account surplus of 87.6 billion euros (2.9% of GDP), and an increase of 100.3 billion euros (2, 9% of GDP) in the third quarter of 2019, he writes.

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According to Eurostat, between July and September 2020, 19 EU member states recorded current account surpluses, followed by Germany ($ 62.9 billion) and Italy ($ 25.3 billion). Eight member states, including the Netherlands (17 17 billion), Ireland (7 12.7 billion) and Sweden (.5 6.5 billion), had current account deficits.

Eurostat points out that the EU recorded the largest current account surpluses for the United Kingdom (.6 54.6 billion), the United States (.7 32.7 billion) and Switzerland (3 11.3 billion) in the third quarter of 2020. ), Canada (6 6.6 billion), Brazil and Hong Kong (both 6. 6.2 billion) and Russia (3 5.3 billion). Deficits were recorded for China (.2 29.2 billion) and maritime financial centers (ில்லியன் 8 billion).

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