Friendship announcements in Kiev must follow firm steps (Victor Borevic / NoyMT)

In the feedback for the news agency IPN, Writes Victor Bell, calling for the dissolution of Parliament and the holding of early elections, or the PSRM. “Mia Sandu begins her presidency with conditions that, while she has the qualities of a simple evaluator in the task of finding a solution to get out of a government crisis, are exaggerated to a series of other crises,” the author says. In his opinion, the delay in the nomination of the head of state for the post of Prime Minister is no justification from the point of view of the declared intention to hold early parliamentary elections soon.

It is still difficult to estimate the impact of the events of January 6 in the United States on world states, but it certainly will be. Because the United States is a symbol of democracy worldwide. This is the view of Ian Debare, an expert in the field of international relations quoted IPN. The expert says he has already noticed the direct rivals of the United States, the direct rivals of the United States, the lack of democratic communities towards the United States, the resentment, conflicting attacks and references of other states. “This act of January 6 will provide an opportunity for some non-democratic communities in the United States to strike in American democracy,” Debray said. Political scientist Dionysus Chenu also spoke on the subject, believing that there are structural complexes to what happened in the American capital on January 6th. “We have a failed conspiracy and insurgency attempt that will be crucial to the future of the political career of the current president of the United States, Donald Trump. What is happening in the United States somehow dictates the tone of democracy globally. The attack on the Capitol has sent dangerous signals to other democracies,” Dionysus Senok said. And Valerie Ostalep, an expert in the field of international relations and security, believes that in the wake of the changes in the United States, tough dialogue with the Russian Federation will intensify. At the same time, he believes that the details of America’s changes indicate an “experienced” interest in our region. “[…] New avenues of geopolitical struggle are likely to take place in the region where Moldova is located. ”

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The expression of the intention to build a strategic alliance between the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine is welcome, but what do we do with the tense issues between the two states that have not been resolved for decades? Porshevich welcomed the good intentions expressed by the leaders of the two states during Maya Sandu’s visit to Kiev, but said he expected concrete steps to be taken to resolve the issues, most importantly the Dynester issue. The general class has not been reached on this complex issue, he said.

Relations between the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine are entering a new phase, and it is of particular importance that the leaders of Chisinau and Kiev first used the term “strategic partnership”. This is the view of the editorial quoted by Nicola Negra At the same time, Igor Botan, director of the Participating Democrats Association (ATEPT) for the same portal, says the documents signed today in the Ukrainian capital are very ambitious and important, and that their implementation will prove that both states are trusted partners for the EU and the United States.

Web Home It took six years to build a section of the Chisinau-Unkeni-Skooleni National Highway, which took 2-3 times longer than planned. Meaning that the works have been delayed for various reasons: administrative sanctions, errors with specifications up to the case in court. It is also emphasized that the project was funded by the World Bank.

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