The CES 2021 Innovation Awards for the ViewSonic DT1655 are presented by Honori

The last day of the technology exhibition CES 2021 It goes with a series of awards, and is a product that receives accolades from the Technical Arbitration Board ViewSonic TD1655 – Small monitor with 15.6 inch touch screen first distinciya CES 2021 Innovation Awards Honori In the Computer Devices and Accessories section.

ViewSonic is proud to present this award to the monitor TD1655 A product developed for business travelers and long distance professionals for its innovative design and advanced features. This monitor is suitable for increasing productivity during travel and adopts a smaller shape, reduced thickness is 6 mm and weighs less than 1 kg.

It also integrates a support and can be used in screen landscape and portrait mode, and is versatile. To run content, the TD1655 only needs a single cable to connect to phones, laptops or game consoles. about this USB-C connection With two-way power, the interface allows mobile devices (up to 60W) to operate the monitor, powered by a power bank or 60W power.

ViewSonic TD1655 Compatible with terminals Windows, Android, Chrome but MacOS. It has a magnetic protective cover, which also serves as an adjustable surface, metal housing and aluminum support. Images are rendered in 1080p resolution and the panel offers 10-point multitasking, corresponding to the stylus included in the package, respectively.

Here are some local prices:

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