Resume operations in Dongconden after demonstrations by aviation staff

Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

2:00 p.m. Flight operations resumed at Doncond International Airport in Tegucigalpa this Thursday, after being halted for hours due to protests by Honduras’ civil aeronautics staff and unions.

Flow of aircraft Dongcondon Interrupted from 9:00 am. Information service to airlines was suspended by the control tower system and weather reports were not available as a result of the protests.

Struggles, he argues Gustavo Gonzalez, Chairman Honduras Air Traffic Controllers Association, Are derived from non-compliance with labor demands such as a five-year grace period.

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“Approach data is not provided due to employee opposition, so on-board flights make it visible,” Gonzalez said. Relatives of the passengers are near the airport waiting for news about their relatives.

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Workers’ protest reached the streets around Doncond. They insisted that the struggles would continue unless a five-year restructuring was carried out.

International flights failed to land Honduras. As a result, some of these have been diverted Redeemer And the Ramon Vilda Morales Airport in Sula, San Pedro, which operates normally.

They advised Finance Secretary, By the Minister Marco Maidens, Respond to requests. Meanwhile, the secretariat shifted its preference for dialogue to the media, while at the same time dividing Doncondin’s function.

Mario Lanza, traveling traveler Panama From CR-426 on the plane Copa AirlinesHe told the news broadcast Today: “Almost reached Donconton. About 20 minutes later, when the plane started circling, the captain informed us that we had to wait for problems at Doncondon. Then we were told to return to El Salvador.”

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Once in San Salvador, the passenger mentioned that by that country’s protocol regarding Covit-19, they could not board the plane. They are 62 The passengers on the plane are passengers. The flight will return to Panama on the flight’s orders.

Other flights United States Towards Tegucigalpa They were forced to resign as a result of a shutdown at the capital’s airport. An American Airlines flight was also diverted from Miami to San Salvador.

American Airlines flight lands without air traffic controller signs Dongcondon 1:20 p.m. Flights in San Salvador had to recharge fuel tanks to return to Tegucigalpa.

When, Guillermo Escobar, The Civil Aeronautics Employees’ Legal Representative declared: “We have filed a financial management request to reassess the five-year-old staff. This is a right established by Legislative Order 139-2000. . “

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The lawyer explained that the unions had submitted requests to review the documents and to benefit all civil servants. Resolution Finance According to Escobar, each ministry was authorized to receive funding from each institution.

Airport staff, air traffic controllers and meteorologists are halting operations. The operation of the airport terminal is severely affected Civil Aeronautics.

Demonstrations spread as a measure of pressure if dialogue meetings between finance and the union are not held.

In the morning, in Ceba, A local flight also took place at the international airport Candy. However, passengers were called back to resume at approximately 1:00 p.m. In the meantime, the landing of these aircraft should be carried out visually. This process is less complicated for smaller aircraft.

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International Airport Ramon Wilda Morales From San Pedro Sula Did not interfere with daytime activities. Commercial and freight flights depart from northern Honduras.

They reported from the union until 2:00 p.m. Normally operations will resume at the air terminals. Weather services and aviation access restrictions will be re-enacted. A plane American Airlines First departed Dongcondon Goes to Miami.

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