Joe Biden needs to fix after Donald Trump. Troy Basque: “Europe’s biggest insecurity”

Tryon Passescu Talked about Joe Biden, The new President of the United States. He believed he knew the head of the White House and would not ignore foreign policy. “I would say I know him well Joe Biden In terms of political attitudes. Do not want to United States Isolated, a man he wants to cooperate with, understands that America can be the world’s superpower with one condition: not to isolate itself. When you don’t realize it, Russia and China are playing. ” Tryon Passescu Digi24.

Troy Pasque, about what Joe Biden needs to fix

As for his administration Donald Trump, This is something that has affected European security, Bez said. “I told him from the beginning that he was not suitable for the presidency. Now I see that everyone has become anti – Trump.

He did no harm to Romania, on the contrary, he strengthened the security of our country. However, there are major problems at the EU level. This allowed the Russians to move ballistic missiles that should have been in the Urals. Now I can bring them to the Crimea as well. If I were the head of the European Commission, I would urgently talk to Joe Biden. It’s about security at the continental level, “said Trian Pesso.

“The decision to leave the Paris Agreement is a bad one. Most likely, Joe Biden will decide on an urgent visit to the United States.

“We look forward to the future.”

“This is the day of America, the day of democracy, the day of hope, the renewal. The voices of the people will be heard and will continue to be heard. This time democracy has won. We look forward to the future, we want to be, we want to be a united nation! ”This was part of Joe Biden’s speech.

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