Recognition of outstanding Colombians in science, art and technology

This month Fourth edition of the Epic Women Awardsa space held every year to learn about the work of Outstanding women in science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics. In total, there were 20 champions of this meeting in which women’s empowerment and gender equality were also recognized.

Among the winners was Denise Torres, a graphic designer, educator, journalist and businesswoman. who was awarded the “Woman of the Digital Arts” honor for her pregnancy Over 20 years of experience working with innovative products targeting vulnerable communitiesAnd encourage women and youth to own the STEAM sector.

His latest projects are being developed with and with university students Designing tactile picture books for people with visual impairments. Residents with this disability, Torres explains, have been some of the most affected and isolated during the pandemic, because they have completely relied on their hands to be able to express themselves. This was one of the reasons why this project turned out to be personally motivated: “We are supposedly visual because we are graphics, but we are also interpreters of information.” Torres commented.

Denise Torres, Woman of the Digital Arts Award Winner. | picture: Julio Cesar Ramirez Murillo

Another highlight is the profile of María José Corredor, a 17-year-old girl who has led several projects. She was the winner of the prize “Technology Woman” She has been a delegate to Models United Nations at the national and international levels, through prestigious universities such as Harvard.

Plus Corridor Participated in the NASA call to lead the robotics project, which consists of building a prototype robot that has the ability to plant seeds on Mars. Although the project was done jointly with a group of students, she Led the entire creation, programming, and implementation process.

Epic Women's Notes

María Jose Corredor, one of the winners of the Epic Women Awards. | picture: Julio Cesar Ramirez Murillo

Stock-committed companies and startups

Although the Epic Women Awards focus mainly on STEAM women, there has also been recognition Companies and startups that have emerged implementing practices that promote gender equality and female leadership.

Leading this initiative is Level Magazine, an alternative medium with an international impact that he creates Content related to human rights, gender and sexual diversityand enabled outstanding women in science, digital arts, technology, mathematics, and engineering to earn this recognition.

“Women in science gained space because they got more scholarships, more support, and more aid. While in others Fields such as technology, digital arts, mathematics and engineering, these women are hard for us to find because they are not used to showing up.”confirmed Carol Franco, Director and Co-Founder of Level Magazine.

The epic women recognized this year will be able to take part in it Second edition of Revealed: The Personal Power That Hides Epic Women’s Success.

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