Cs Torrelavega proposes to create a “pet-friendly” space in a garden …

The Citizens Councilor (Cs) of the Torrelavega City Council, Julio Ricciardiello, has suggested creating a friendly or “pet-friendly” area for animals in Miravalles Park, a location he considers “ideal” for this space where pets can be loose accompanied by their managers.

In addition, he confirmed that his proposal, which has been passed on to the Animal Protection and Welfare Council, has been supported by animal groups and the municipal group ACPT.

Ricciardiello defended that “the benefits of owning a pet can also be shared with those people who would not otherwise have the possibility to enjoy it, and spaces can be communal for meeting and sharing experiences.”

Thus, it has chosen to “unsegregate” its pet accommodations, but to “open and public” and ensure “strict compliance” with municipal ordinances.

For the mayor, the location of Miravalles Park is “ideal” for this project due to its situation and its borders, and he believes that its suitability for this use “will mean a minimum expenditure” for the municipal coffers. “This is an initiative with a relatively low cost that will be able to respond to a demand from many residents,” he said in a statement.

Cs already made this proposal in 2021, but notes that it was “totally” rejected by the chair of the table, Socialist Chancellor José Luis Urraca. However, the orange party indicated that this time the mayor was more “receptive” and admitted that the proposal was “possible” by making some specific amendments to the decree.

“From Cs we are pleased that Chancellor Urraca has come to his senses and that Torrelavega can be a more European city, similar to many Spanish cities that are already developing these initiatives with good results,” Ricciardiello concluded.

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