What’s Adamari Lopez’s Professional Future Four Months After Leaving Telemundo?

It released in April and took the entertainment world by surprise Adamari Lopez of TelemundoThere he held various responsibilities projects For over 11 years. within it leavingsaid the dear driver will come things Hello good. “I am sure that life will provide new opportunities to meet and celebrate again. I agree that I will continue with the same desire and energy to please you, work and always give the best,” he said. Time. It’s four months His fans wonder what it could be the future professional Puerto Rican.

Since then it is true Atamari He chased away of Televisionreceived many Proposals for Work. “From the minute I left or people found out, thank God they called me, I was approached by many good people who wanted to see if I could work, when I could work, what I wanted to do and what I wanted to do. I am infinitely grateful for that, because I I love my job,” he admitted Lopez A few weeks ago Internet Journalist’s Lourdes del Rio.

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