Rain and wind forecast for part of Saturday and Sunday

The National Meteorological Center (SNM) in San Juan announced this morning that episodes of rain and wind felt in parts of the island, along with the passage of a strong tropical wave, will continue throughout today. Saturday..

The rain is expected to last until Sunday, and then the weather is expected to gradually improve during the day, said Emmanuel Rodriguez, a meteorologist from the SNM offices in San Juan.

Sea conditions will be treacherous on Saturday and Sunday, so extreme caution is advised on beaches and beaches.

“We have a strong tropical wave that started to move rain and thunderstorms over the municipalities of the East, Southeast and metropolitan areas from early morning, sometimes with heavy rain,” Rodriguez explained.

“At this time, the southern part of the metropolitan area has received the most rainfall, where radar estimates are between an inch and an inch and a half,” he added.

“It has also left very strong gusts. Here at San Juan or Carolina (Luis Munoz Marin International) Airport, gusts of 45 mph were reported in Ceiba, 40 mph in Culebrita Island, Culebra, 47 mph,” the meteorologist said.

“And the fact of the matter is that the windy rain bands should continue throughout the day. Winds should be blowing across the island. But the east and southeast parts of the system should get the heaviest rain, and today we could be talking about three inches (of rain) or four inches in some areas.” ” he explained.

Tomorrow and Sunday, more heavy rain is expected across the country as the tide moves over the region. To the extent that cloud cover is generally low, local effects could produce more rain in the interior and west, which could be heavy, “but those sectors are already used to seeing that amount of rain, so shouldn’t have much of an impact.”.

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Regarding the possible impacts of the tropical wave, the expert pointed out that “the wind worries us a little, because some tree branches, old trees, can disrupt traffic in some sectors”.

“As for heavy rain, the land is dry, but in any case, episodes of heavy rain will always cause flooding in urban centers or poorly drained areas if the rain continues for a period of time. A long time,” he added.

However, there are currently no reports of damage.

On the other hand, taking into account that we are in the long weekend with the 4th of July holiday and usually many people go to the beaches to celebrate, the weather forecaster warned that the sea conditions across the island will be hazardous.

“Today (Saturday) and tomorrow (Sunday) we are going to be at a greater risk of sea currents due to bad conditions at sea. It will be a bit lower across the island, in the west, but the currents will be more at risk for the whole island,” he explained.

He said seas would remain rough and, in fact, a warning was in effect for small boat operators, while fishermen and boaters should take heed.

On Monday, the sea will already be “a little better, but not completely better. So if you are going to go to the beaches, you should be more careful, especially on the more exposed beaches, mainly in the north where there is a risk of currents. The sea “will still be active, although not dangerous, in any case. You must be careful”, especially in the north, which is a very dangerous area.

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The expert advised people to follow SNM weather alerts and reports and especially those living in flood-prone areas to “pay attention to any signs of possible flooding in their communities”.

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