Jose Ramon Fernandez, journalist banned from World Cup due to investigation

Jose Ramon Fernandez. (Cuartoscuro/Getty Images)

World Cup This is a very important event for players in general and the entire environment around the player. Football. Sports commentators also enjoy the event a lot, but there are instances where their goals are thwarted by various incidents. Jose Ramon Fernandez He lived in his own flesh before that 1990 World Cup in Italy.

The controversial journalist televised the case CasseroleIt investigated the falsification of documents by the U-20 national team during the 1988 pre-World Championship in Guatemala. An early penalty, when the trap became apparent, Mexico withdrew. Youth World Cup. But everything exploded when the Mexican federation went to appeal the sanction with FIFA, and the body later decided El Tri should be banned from all international competition. Including the 1990 World Cup in Italy.

José Ramón Fernández was not the author of that investigation, which was carried out by Antonio Moreno, a journalist who worked for Imavisian at the time and wrote for the newspaper. Cheers. But it was Fernandez who publicized the trial on television He repented of that “sin” because spreading that information cost him his trip to the World Cup in Italy.. “(Italy 90) I couldn’t go to the World Cup, they vetoed me because of the caserules issue, two years ago we pulled it out. It didn’t happen once more than finding corruption at the bottom level. The leagues, they vetoed you for the World Cup, Mexico was vetoed. Of course. I’m the one being punished,” Jose Ramon told Latinos in an interview with Proso.

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Along with Carlos Albert, Jose Ramon denied his recognition. Instead, Raoul Orvananos, who completed the trident, traveled to Italy. Fernández and Orvananos no longer had a good relationship, which is why he left Imavição and explained directly to Cablevisian (and a year later to Televisa). “I told him I was leaving because I didn’t want to work with him anymore.”Orvananos told La Saga.

Commentator Enrique Carré, who made his first appearance at Italia 90 at the time, confirmed his boss’s courage when he learned he would not be at the World Cup. “We had to see his anger and his inability to go to the World Cup because they refused to go to the World Cup, I mean what a world of intrigue. When Jose Ramon got angry, he kicked things and nobody could talk to him. It was an injustice. He told us: ‘ Find Mexico’s intellectuals and ask what they think about it. We went with many, yes, it’s unfair on the scale of the world. But it was in a Mexico where the powerful said what time the sun would rise,” Carré recalled in La Saga.

From the point of view of fans of a particular sector, Jose Ramon has committed the closest thing to treason: rob Mexico of a chance to play in the World Cup.. That sentiment has, in fact, transferred to some players, as in the case of Hugo Sanchez, who was angry at the journalists who exposed the case, who trapped him out of the world. Championship with the generation of good components.

Meanwhile, Hugol After winning the Golden Boot with Real Madrid, he would have reached his best moment. In addition, there would have been a very interesting combination of generations: 1986 World Cup players together with a new generation had to postpone the World Cup premiere until 1994 in the United States. You never know what could have happened. Penalties for Mexico were severe. And domestically, the damage was also evident, as exemplified by the case of José Ramón.

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