The mayor of Torado complained of attempted car theft: “This is a very unpleasant moment”

Mayor Gold, Carlos Lopez RiveraRecorded complaints for attempt Car jogging Near the Paseo Lineal on Highway PR-694, at the height of its municipality’s Maguayo neighborhood.

The attackers may have carried out the bombings, but Lopez Rivera and another municipal official, Roberto Lopez Rosario, were unharmed.

“Municipal Consulting Engineer, in the official vehicle with me, we were the object of an effort Car jogging, A vehicle collided with us, went across, and they immediately pulled out some revolvers. So, we reacted, we changed the vehicle, we turned on the safety lights, saw that it was the official vehicle and we started to withdraw.Described by the first municipal administrator.

He said the men blew themselves up 15 feet away. Meanwhile, the police report indicates that the car that collided with the official vehicle was a small, white, four-door car.

“We could not identify who the people were because they were wearing masks. Everything happened so fast. They planted about four bombs and found shell casings at the scene. “Said the mayor.

Agents of the Metropolitan Police and the Vega Baja Criminal Investigation Division of the Police Bureau are investigating the incidents. Technical services personnel worked at the scene and recovered several bullet casings.

“We are fine. Nothing happened beyond the unpleasant moment … this is the most unpleasant moment.Described.

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