As of today, those vaccinated in Puerto Rico do not have to wear a mask

That article, which was almost unknown to us before the onset of the COVID-19 epidemic and has been with us for more than a year, will no longer be mandatory in various parts of the country due to the country’s new guidelines. Department of Health Starts today and in many places does not require the use of masks.

However, this only applies to those who have Fully vaccinated.

In its executive order, the health department must use masks for any person Visit, attend or work with health care facilities When they are in these companies.

These facilities include Hospitals, Laboratories, Medical Offices, Center for Diagnosis and Treatment, Among others.

Those who are not vaccinated with approved doses FDA, They must wear the mask regularly.

Children between the ages of two and 11 will need the use of a mask.

The use of the mask will continue to be required in federal facilities such as Louis Munoz Maran International Airport.

George Hernandez de Leon, President of Aerostar Puerto Rico, clarified today that the use of the mask is mandatory at all Luis Munoz Maran International Airport facilities and on all flights departing and entering Puerto Rico.

“We request all passengers to cooperate in accordance with the federal rules governing us and the airlines. Similarly, for the safety of our passengers and staff, we maintain our health and safety protocols as we have done from day one,” the Aerostar chief said.

Health experts, for their part, recommended that citizens continue to use masks for their own protection.

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Former U.S. Surgeon General Antonia Goello Novello and epidemiologist Fabiola Cruz stressed that the epidemic was “not over” and that measures such as the use of masks should continue to be evaluated by each individual.

Goyalo Novello said in the Playing Heart Ball project, Delta was particularly concerned about variation, which is a virus the virus has never seen before. Considering the possibility of unidentified people stopping using the mask and not being able to identify them, the doctor pointed out that the mask “protects me from asking questions”.

For his part, Cruz stressed that “the epidemic is not over, and Puerto Rico is not isolated.”

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