Snowberry, infantilism or mitochondria? Trump supporters greet White House chief executive Biden couple

When Donald and Melania Trump leave the White House on the morning of January 20, they will both be technically, president and first lady of the United States. At least until noon, Joe Biden will officially take office as President of the United States. However, not only will Trump supporters not attend the ceremony, but the Biden couple have decided not to allow him to set foot in the presidential residence, while Donald and Melania are still there, gesturing. CNN described Snowfish and Childish. Instead Joe and Jill Biden will be welcomed by the CEO, who, among others, oversees the White House cooks, electricians and staff.

According to one of the most revered rites in American democracy, every time a transfer of power to the White House takes place, the outgoing president greets the incumbent with paragraphs and portico on the steps of the glorious northern faade. After this moment, the two presidents go to the Capitol where the official investment ceremony will take place.

A centuries-old tradition shattered by the Trump couple.

On January 20, instead of Donald and Melania Trump, Bidens will be welcomed by the building manager at the White House, who will oversee the kitchen, electrician and plumbers, butlers or maids as head of household staff.

Basically, Joe and Jill Biden are welcomed by the White House Tessa (technical, economic, socio-administrative) staff.

The White House will do a general cleaning after the Trump couple leave

Melania Trump’s decision to refuse a meeting with the future First Lady of the United States, Jill Biden, is further evidence of snobbery and “infantilism.” By protocol, the wife of the outgoing president usually offers a tour of the White House to the newly established president’s wife.

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Also, Donald Trump is reluctant to place a letter on the presidential desk in the Oval Office, addressing another traditional Joe Biden buried in the White House.

Joe Biden will attend the official ceremony at Arlington Cemetery on the afternoon of his inauguration, along with former heads of state Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama. During this time, the personal belongings of the Biden couple will be moved to the rooms of the White House and arranged unopened.

Also, while Joe Biden is at the Capitol and Arlington ceremonies, the White House will undergo a general cleanup: windows will be washed, dust from furniture and chandeliers will be removed, and carpets and rugs will need to be cleaned.

“The cleanup will begin as soon as Donald Trump and Melania Trump leave the house,” a White House official told CNN.

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