A Korean tanker captured by Tehran could trigger war on Iran

On Monday, Iran seized a South Korean oil tanker and sailed to the port of Bandar Abbas in the Persian Gulf, predicting what could escalate the war on Tehran. In addition there are 7,200 tons of various chemicals.

South Korea quickly responded to the “provocation” by sending the Ministry of Defense to the Seong Navy navy to protest against the theft and to stop it in a body of water near the Strait of Hormuz, learning from broadcasts by al-arabia.net agencies, while demanding the release of the unresponsive group members. The Iranian Revolutionary Guard said in a statement on its site called “Seba News” that the “Hankok Shimi” detention was at the request of the “Hormuzkan provincial maritime organization” that did not overlook the Strait of Hormuz in Iran.

The report, attached to a video from the air, said 4 ships surrounded the tanker and stopped at sea, leaving the Saudi port of “Jubail” carrying 3 types of chemicals, including methanol, and being detained for “violating marine environmental laws”. Moreover, Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Saeed Gaddafi said in a statement issued by the agencies that “Iran, like other countries, is sensitive to similar violations, especially polluting the marine environment, so it will handle the ship within the framework of the law.”

The real reason for catching her

The United States entered the fray with a statement from a Foreign Ministry spokesman accusing Iran of “threatening navigation freedom in the Gulf and seeking to ease sanctions against it by extorting money,” and several Western media outlets called for the immediate release of the tanker from Al Arabiya.net. , The real reason for his detention is “Iran recovering $ 7 billion confiscated from South Korean banks” due to US sanctions.

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It was released from satellite data by the Marine Traffic website, which monitors the movement of ships around the world, and the South Korean flag carrier “unexplained near Bandar Abbas Beach.” The Iranian Revolutionary Guards fleet flew over it and stopped it as tensions in the region escalated. In addition to two each from Indonesia and Vietnam, it detained its crew of 5, including 11 Koreans from Myanmar, for a dangerous expansion.

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