The newly discovered zebrafish defect completely crushes every final gravity attack

Zebroth uses the shadow-expanding attack on the squirrel (Image: Nintendo / Nintendo Live)

A new problem has been discovered Super Smash Brothers. Ultimate This is related to the last DLC fighter Zephrot.

Under the right conditions, the angel has a wing Final Fantasy VII It can reconstruct the final smash for other characters (and animations for every move, in that case) – dramatically reducing damage from a generally devastating attack and changing the visual effects each time.

To implement this unique issue, Zebroth must defeat a Pokemon trainer pocket monster with a shadow flare attack. After that, the final smash attacks will not damage the opponent in the slightest.

Below is a preview of the YouTube video below Nintendo console:

“Let’s see how a new bug can lead Zebrod to smash every final smash in Super Smash Brothers. Ultimate. ”

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