It’s over .. Victory praises God “distributes” and “agrees” to change

In a big surprise, the board of directors of the Al-Nasr club, led by Safwan al-Swikat, decided to get rid of Abdel Razak Hamdalla, the top scorer of the first football team, Abdel Razak.

Also, praising the 30-year-old God, he joined Al-Nasr in the summer of 2018, coming from Qatar Al-Ryan where he scored 95 In 82 official matches, goals with the first football team.

Soldiers’ agent Saleh al-Yami announced that he had begun preparing an alternative plan, al-Nasr Hamdallah, in the current winter transfers.

Al-Yami stressed in a tweet on his Twitter page that al-Nasr already has a name on the “table”, whether this winter, or instead of praising God from the start of next season’s 2021-2022.

The players’ agent pointed out that the “alternative” contract, Hamdallah, will determine the level of victory with several variables regarding the settlement in the winter or early next season.

Al-Nasr is currently trying to obtain a “financial capability” certificate by paying off all its debts in order to register new players for the winter.

Not only did he win the “World Score” award in 2019, but he was also crowned the highest-scoring player in the professional league for the past two seasons.

However, Hamdallah’s size has dropped significantly at the start of the current season, and his injuries have increased, and he is content with scoring just one goal so far.

Hamdallah threatened to leave al-Nasser before the start of the current sports season 2020-2021, due to his financial backlog, before management could put him on hold.

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