Sudan: “Minister of Education” urges participants, with an educational event, to bypass “the obscurantist curricula of the old regime.”

Khartoum: the change – Work on the “Intermediate and High School Curriculum Conference” began in the Sudanese capital Khartoum on Tuesday, at a time of growing debate on modifications to the curriculum.

The slogan “For an approach that upholds human values, celebrates diversity and peace, and catches up with science and modernity” for the activities of the conference, which will be organized by the Teacher Hall in Khartoum for a period three days, with the participation of a wide range of teachers and education experts.

Education Minister Muhammad Al-Amin Al-Tom urged the two conferences to work hard to collapse the “outdated phase of the obscurantist system,” involving teachers in developing curricula in a way that increases capabilities. of the students.

The Ministry of Education accuses the counterrevolutionary forces of launching a campaign to challenge the curriculum and its director, thwart the glorious revolution, and preserve the ideological curriculum left behind by the overthrown regime, Al-Bashir.

In turn, Omar Al-Qarray stressed that the conference seeks to lay new foundations for students and teachers to keep up with what is happening in the world in terms of technology and development, and the need to update teaching methods and follow methods that allow criticism, discussion and participation, and move away from the methods of memorization and indoctrination and follow modern methods of measurement and evaluation based on measuring the abilities of students in Comprehension, comprehension, communication and acceptance of the others, in addition to focusing on social, sports and artistic extracurricular activities.

It is decided that the curricula will include courses related to national education, philosophy and logic.

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In this sense, the Minister of Education called, in ways that are silent in the study plans, to discuss physical and psychological health issues and discuss them scientifically. Noting the importance of raising the issue of the use of the body by children in a restorative way, without scratching the modesty of the students.

The conference will address issues related to the philosophy of education and its objectives, curricula and teaching methods, the psychological construction of the learner, supervision and guidance at intermediate and secondary levels, as well as learning problems in English and mathematics, and introducing concepts advanced assessment and measurement, interest in technical education and the development of curricula for people with special needs.

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