Messi receives 'invitation' from Argentina to go to Paris 2024 Games

EAfter Argentina's 1-0 win against Brazil gave them access to the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. Argentinian media focused on this figure Javier Mascherano, coach of the Albiceleste team, 'Bombarded' With Wishes At Next Press Conference Invite three players over the age of 23 to the Parisian event.

I faced such a crossroad due to the question, Mascherano did not avoid it and the entire Argentine press dismissed the doubt A former international and a personal friend of the player awaited word Inter Miami.

Everyone already knows my relationship and friendship with Leo. First, we have to qualify… A player like him keeps the doors open to join us. Then it's up to him and his duties, obviously“, Mascherano said those statements were not from the 'Post' party, but were published last October.

Mascherano's words

A faithful reflection is in mind 'Little Boss' There is always the possibility of existence 2022 World Champion Captain in Qatar. behind A painful win against 'Canarinha'Words Mascherano Go in the same direction He extended his invitation to another athlete who wanted to train for the Olympics..

I have an obligation to invite Messi and Di Maria. We have a wonderful relationship with Leo and Angel, we are friends. But one understands that they have other commitments, it depends on it, it is not so simple. Likewise, Have time to talk to them. Now we have to enjoy,” argued the coach, still emotional after the achievement One of two qualifiers for ParisOther classified Paraguay.

Messi's reaction

For all this, What the Argentine boys did in Venezuela was not without Messi And used his social networks to celebrate the category. Leo posted a “vamooosss” on his Instagram stories, which he adorned with four claps and an Argentine flag.An answer Publication of the official account of AFA.

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We must remember that both Messi and Di Maria were already Olympic champions in 2008when Argentina beat Nigeria 1-0 in the final thanks to a Benfica player's goal. That is the coincidence Javier Masheno was also the opening player in that team.

Copa America 2024

One of the first drawbacks that appear for the possibility Both Messi and Di Maria head to Paris 2024 as Copa America 2024 finals so close This is controversial America.

Yes Argentina Reached the finals, which is planned July 14At the beginning Olympic Games 2024 In football mode it is scheduled after 10 days Marseilles.

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