Espacio Público dismantled five camps at the entrance to Manga

The Public Space and Urban Mobility Administration (GEPM) reported the successful dismantling of five camps illegally installed on one side of the neighborhood access road. Manga, 50 meters from the fee. The main objective of this operation, carried out in coordination with the National Police, was to restore and maintain order in this public space.

The presence of these camps represents not only an illegal occupation of public spaces, but also a potential danger to the safety and well-being of residents and passers-by in the area. Cooperation between GEPM and police authorities It allowed this procedure to be carried out efficiently and safely, thus ensuring compliance with current regulations and protecting the rights of citizens.

The administration stressed that this Kampuschs is located in an area of ​​high environmental value. Where there are protected species such as mangroves and tropical dry forests. “Preserving these ecosystems is crucial to maintaining biodiversity and ecological balance,” said Tanis Puello, director of Espacio Público.

“Joint working between GEPM, the police and the community is essential to achieve this Ensure proper management and care of our public spaces. The official added: “We call on all citizens to continue active cooperation in protecting and maintaining these environments.”

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