Bayan fined Munich Common for coming to train at a Mercedes

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Would be very expensive Kingsley Common Have come for a training Bayern Munich A Mercedes, instead of using Audi The official vehicle of the Teutonic Club. According to the agreement, players must use the official car to go to training and other events.

So for this reason, Common To pay a fine of 50 thousand eurosThe German daily Bild revealed. The French striker appeared in a Mercedes G-Class The sports city of Munich and the police did not allow him to enter.

For this reason, he had to leave his car outside and go inside the facility to start training. The German press asserts that the use of Audi vehicles is mandatory.

He was not the first player to be fined

Kingsley Common This is not the primary cause of administrative error Well, before the players like it Jerome Bodeng, it is a Mercedes, Y Nicholas Cell, A Ferrari, They were fined as per the order. There was also another case Philip Coutinho He drives a Mercedes.

These pads are not exclusive Bayern Munich, Because Real Madrid Your players must also use Audi vehicles For tournaments and training sessions, it’s because they sponsor Ingolstadt.

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