Pugale turns his autobiography back on Twitter into “the best dictator in the world.”

(CNN Espanol) – “The greatest dictator in the world,” El Salvador’s President Naib Bukele has a new phrase on his Twitter account in his new autobiography.

The first change in his autobiography and his photograph took place on Sunday night, when he wrote “Dictator de l’Salvador” which was paradoxically interpreted by many as the opposition’s claim that a dictatorship had been established in the Central American country.

Opposition parties have stated they will not run in the by-elections.

In addition, the order to retire judges, magistrates and lawyers over the age of 60, and the ruling of the Constitutional Committee of the Supreme Court, open the door to Bukeley’s re-election. Bitcoin was recently implemented in the country.

During the massive march on September 15, many of the participants carried posters that they considered a dictatorship, in defiance of recent government decisions. On the same day, in a speech for 200 years of national independence, Bukele denied the allegations. “There is no dictatorship here. There is a democracy here that is freely expressed in elections, not once but twice,” the president said.

Bukele, who has been very active on social media and used to let people know his results through these sites, has won the presidency in the first round and has ruled El Salvador since June 2019 with a large majority.

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