Premier League sponsors and American political donations

Pressure from fans and athletes for liberal policies. People react to money

In the wake of the latest social events in the world, more and more sports fans, but athletes from all over the world, protested against the policies of Donald Trump and the Republican Party. Trump’s conservative vision quickly made him the No. 1 public enemy for many activists, and movements such as Black Lives Matter quickly became popular.

The game has also been affected by these clashes, and since the end of the previous season, Premier League footballers have been kneeling before the opening whistle of the tournament. However, employers are concerned about other stocks. The American leaders of every English club position themselves.

Arsenal – Stan Cronke has donated more than 4,400,000 to the Republican Party over the past 20 years for his inability to use the performance-oriented management idea, but has been caring for Democrats to “touch”, but only slightly, because of the team’s lack of massive investment and then the inability to use the performance-based management idea.

Aston Villa – Wes Edens was one of the first investors to acquire the Aston Villa Club in 2018, along with Egyptian Naseb Saviris. A strong supporter of the Edens Democrats, he has been contributing hundreds of thousands of dollars to party funds in recent years. Like Stan Kronke, he left the “Good Morning” room in the opposition camp and made some significant donations to Republicans. However, Edens supported a number of liberal causes and was an outspoken close friend of Democrats.

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Crystal Palace – The palace is run by two Americans, David Blitzer and Joshua Harris. Former Joe Biden and I are a staunch supporter of the Democrats, who have a very close relationship with the Harris Donald Trump administration. Like the others, the palace bosses give money to the left and right, no matter which party seizes power and wants to live a good life.

Fulham – Croven Cottage is owned by Shahid Khan, an American businessman of Pakistani descent who is a staunch supporter of Donald Trump’s proposed economic policy, but disagrees when it comes to White House presidents’ social policies. Khan donated to both parties, but for the 2016 Trump investment alone, the Republicans donated 000,000,000.

Leeds United – Only 10% of Leeds shares are owned by Americans. The York family also owns the NFL San Francisco 49ers Club. United’s shareholders have made very small donations to the Democrats over the years, although another family member is a business partner with Donald Trump.

Liverpool – The Liverpool Club is a party with a left-wing political vision. Supporters and manager Jர்கrgen Klopp, but especially American hosts Henry and Werner are both generous. So it’s not surprising that businessmen who own the NFL team, the Boston Red Sox, make significant donations to Democrats in the United States.

Manchester United – was slandered by a good part of the man’s supporters. United, owner Edward Glazer has been friends with Donald Trump and has donated more than 000 500,000 to Republicans since Donald Trump began his term in office in 2016. He also helped Hillary Clinton in the previous presidential campaign, earning only $ 5,000.

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West Ham United – 10% of the London Club is owned by Albert “Trip” Smith, who has donated $ 20,000 to the Republican Party in recent years, with most of the money going to Florida Senator Marco Rubio.

So most of the traders involved in the Premier League football clubs are adherents of the policy of fixing both goat and cabbage. While most people have a relationship with Republicans, especially because of their permissible policies, when it comes to taxing big fortunes, businesses also care about democratic rivals, so they enjoy benefits regardless of the ruling party.

What other Americans do in football

When it comes to political relations in the Premier League the balance is not maintained in the case of other club owners in Europe.

In 2018, A.C. Paul Singer, the founder of Elliott Management Corporation, which bought Milan, is the most important donor to the Republican Party and has donated millions of dollars during Romney’s 2012 campaign and his career in the United States. 2016, in which Trump was involved.

A.S. Owners of Roma, Burma and Belarus are also known for their Republican preferences. Rome leader Don Friedkin is politically involved in Texas and is a recognized Republican, while Burmese boss Kyle Cross donated 000 72,000 to Mitt Romney in the 2012 election.

Fiorentina’s leader Rogo Camiso also traveled to the United States at a young age and donated tens of thousands of dollars to politicians, especially Republicans. In 2016, he made 7,700 donations to Donald Trump’s campaign.

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